Established in 2008, ATELIER Tang embodies the 21st century design and construction firm that embraces our ever-changing landscape and is constantly challenging design conventions.

We enhance our core divisions in Design, Project Management, M&E (ATA Engineering) and Fabrication (AT Carpentry) by capitalising on our combined experience spanning hundreds of projects.

Going against the industrial zeitgeist emphasizing consistency and rigid ideals, we are passionate revolutionaries seeking to distinguish ourselves through our interpretation of each project. In this volatile landscape, we do not succumb to the comforts of conformity and trends.

Acknowledging that each project is as unique as our clientele themselves, we offer each a a declaration of our fill commitment, and a promise that we are prepared to embrace novelty and the unorthodox to fulfil the realization of their visions.


  1. Design & Build
  2. Design Consultancy
  3. Project Management


“My outlook in life has always been to embrace diversity and affect adversity. I appreciate contemporary concepts while respecting notions of the past and I love multiplicity in people and cultures, geographical views and lifestyles. To me, adversity is meant to be manipulated, not beaten into submission, until is amalgamates and harmonises with the intended design. This is the attitude I adopt to fuel my creative inclinations. This is the attitude of Atelier Tang.”

Disillusioned by the flood of emerging cookie cutter design firms, Korene wanted to create an oasis to offer exclusive simple yet playful design opportunities to the cosmopolitan masses and those seeking to enhance their living and shared work space. Atelier Tang was conceived for this purpose.


Unique by our difference in style, creativity and background, we constantly strives to seek the best in what we do. Coming together and sharing the same vision is what unifies our strong bond and ever flexible nature of teamwork.

We are Atelier Tang: Design Team, QS Team, PM Team, Engineering Team, Carpentry Team, HR & Finance Team